Physiofitness New Branch Opening Soon in Vasant Vihar, Delhi


We are a consultancy service which provides contract based complete physiotherapy and rehabilitation solutions for more than 17 years. We are a team of like minded, highly specialized rehabilitation and fitness training professionals. We provide complete physiotherapy & fitness solutions with hi-tech units like LASER, Ultrasound therapy, Short Wave Diathermy, intermittent cervical & lumbar traction, TNS, IFT, Therabands, gym balls, treadmill, & Specialized manual therapy techniques to manage various ailments.

We have facilities that are currently operational in East Delhi and we are in the process of establishing a few other centre’s in other parts of Delhi/NCR.  

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FITKIDZ is a comprehensive fitness package for school children above the age of 10 years.
  • Comprehensive & scientific assessment of fitness levels in children
  • Analysis of data by professionals of the field & a report card to each & every child participant
  • Identify children who might have high levels of body fat & may be obese.
  • Identify extraordinary children in specific or all round fitness & tap them for career in linked sports.
  • Reassessment of the parameters for the children will show progress or dip in the fitness levels Know more about the FitKidz Program

Ergo fit is a ergonomic program aimed at corporates, banks, call centres, etc where employees are at risk owing to incorrect posture in relation to their working environment. The goal is to achieve maximum efficiency of the human body while minimizing the risk of injury. Program includes 30 minute interactive presentation on the importance of good ergonomic posture & problems linked to workstation followed by assessment of workstation by experienced physiotherapist & interactive session with individual employees, assessment of pre-existing problems like cervical/lumbar spondylosis, disc problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow, trigger finger, tendinitis or rotator cuff conditions etc. and re-assessment of work station and employee comfort level on monthly/quarterly/bi-anual basis.

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Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem. It's a health hazard. obesity has been linked to several serious medical conditions, including heart disease and stroke, High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, gall bladder diseases and gallstones, Osteoarthritis, Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea. Someone who is 40% overweight is twice as likely to die prematurely as is a normal-weight person. It’s hard to lose weight, but the benefits of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight are worth it.Whether you have recently gained excess weight or struggled with your weight your entire life, you can lose the weight if you are determined to make changes and work at it. Remember, it is never too late or too early to start living a healthy life, improving your health, and losing weight. Know more about Fat to fit Program

  • Experienced Physios available for home visits for patients unable to attend physiotherapy OPD
  • Treatment at your doorstep with state of the art portable units like IFT, SWD, Ultrasound, TNS, CPM, Laser etc.
  • Special Packages for post TKR (total knee replacement) / THR ( total hip replacement), Arthroscopic repair( ACL TEAR) / Shoulder Rotator Cuff Injuries, stroke patients (Hemipligia), paraplegics, pediatric disorders( cerebral palsy, autism) , post op chest physiotherapy etc.
  • Facility available through out Delhi NCR.


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