We have recently launched our new project dealing with fitness / obesity levels in school going children….FITKIDZ.

Startling Facts regarding childhood obesity in India:

  • Recent survey conducted on 20,537 school adolescents aged 14-18 years indicated a prevalence of overweight/obesity as 25.3% in private & 8.6% in public schools across 6 cities in India.
  • In Delhi City the prevalence was 34.5% in private schools.
  • Nearly half of India’s 250 million adolescents are overweight.
  • For every 10kg above stipulated body weight, life expectancy reduces by 3 years!!!


  • A study conducted by national institute of nutrition, Hyderabad on factors affecting prevalence of overweight in urban adolescents in Hyderabad showed that the prevalence (3.1%) was significantly lower among those participating regularly in outdoor games ≥ 6 hrs/week.(p<0.004) than among non-participants (9.7%)
  • A survey of physical activity levels among children shows that not more than 68% children spend time in outdoor activities.
  • High burden of school work & academic competitiveness have led to a reduced participation in sports & any other form of physical activity.
  • Lack of appropriate play area & limited open spaces around home are also contributing factors to reduced physical activity in adolescents.
  • Improper diet with tendency to eat junk energy dense foods which are of low nutritional value leading to maladaptive metabolism in urban school children, a quick fact check:
    1.40% children eat out once or more in a week
    2.70% children eat chips once or more in a week.
    3.38% children eat burgers once or more in a week
    4.40% children eat French fries once or more in a week

Fitkidz is a comprehensive fitness package for school children above the age of 10 years. The package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive & scientific assessment of fitness levels in children by non invasive means using analysis of body fat % ( not relying only on the BMI or Height/Weight charts which can give an inaccurate assessment. For example a child who has a high LBM or lean body mass compared to an overweight child may be erroneously shown as obese if we consider only the two parameters i.e height & weight. The body fat% gives us exact amount of body fat mass according to age hence it is the litmus test for obesity) & tests for all components of fitness like endurance, speed, coordination, reaction time & flexibility.
  • Analysis of data by professionals of the field & a report card to each & every child participant highlighting the weak & strong parameters.
  • Identify children who might have high levels of body fat & may be obese. These children are at a risk of multitude of disorders ranging from hypertension to childhood diabetes to concentration deficit syndromes. We provide specially designed exercise program to cope with the problem areas to the child as well as the physical education teachers.
  • Identify extraordinary children who may show promise in specific or all round fitness & tap them for career in linked sports. For example: a child who shows extraordinary levels of endurance compared to his peer group may develop into a very good long distance runner / cyclist/ swimmer or field sports like football, hockey. Similarly a child with good reaction time should show promise in sports like boxing/ badminton/ table tennis etc.
  • Reassessment of the parameters for the children will show progress or dip in the fitness levels. The enormous database will give us macro-trends in the community & ample scope to pin point and fix the problem areas.

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